TheGigRig Patents

We're very proud to have have not one, but 2 patents granted to us by the patent office.

TheGigRig Switching System Patent

click here to open TheGigRig Switching System Patent

TheGigRig Virtual Battery Patent

click here to open TheGigRig Virtual Battery Patent

If you'd like more info about our patents please click here

  • Andy Timmons

    "I've now used the GigRig G2 on the entire Protocol II tour and love it!"

  • Guthrie Govan

    "It's very clear that this product was invented by someone who's had a lot of experience as a gigging musician. Exactly what I needed"

  • Joey Santiago - Pixies

    "I used to tap dance to turn on 2 or 3 pedals for the perfect sound. With TheGigRig G2 I just press one footswitch!"

  • Steven Wilson

    "TheGigRig solved all my patching problems in a second."

  • Kurt Rosenwinkel

    "With TheGigRig my tone is better than it's ever been, truly!"

  • Ace - Skunk Anansie

    "Tonus maximus! - The Quarter Master is quality and simplicity at its streamlined best."

  • Paul Turner - Jamiroquai

    "Dan and the guys at The Gig Rig know their stuff and I can't imagine anyone else even coming close."

  • Jeffrey Kunde - Jesus Culture

    "TheGigRig Modular Power Supply system totally rules! It changed my world. I love it.""

  • Patrick Matera - Katy Perry

    "TheGigRig is working out great, i really love how easy it is to use. Very happy with The GigRig!""


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