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We believe that great tone is important, because its your voice, your vehicle to express and inspire, and great tone
DOES makes a difference. I've seen it, experienced it, and over the past 25 years, it has grown from my passion into
an obsession. Great tone is not a mystery, but it IS a journey, and we're here to help

Power Supply Solutions

The worlds most powerful effects pedal power supply

Switching Systems

If you're switching 2 or 200 pedals, we have the solutions

YES! We sell Effects Pedals!

We sell only the best brands of boutique stompers. Check them out!


Introducing TheGigRig G2 - The worlds' most advanced effects pedal board switching system

Power to the Pedals!

Explore our database of thosands of pedals you can power with TheGigRig

High Current Adapters

Power your most demanding pedals with our revolutionary high current adapters


Mix and blend your tones to create outrageous sounds

Power Supply Basics

Get to grips with the basics of our Modular Power Supply

NEW Z Cable

The final piece of the puzzle, the last word in great tone


Need a professional true bypass strip looper? Check out our award winning QuarterMaster series


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Check out some of the amazing work done by our GigRig approved pedalboard builders

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Hot Pedals

Everything you wanted to know about the best stompers out there, old and new.

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Worldwide Shipping

We ship all over the world and you'll know exactly where your purchase is with our online product tracking!

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Top Tone Tips

This is what its all about, everything from amps to attitude, technique to timbre. Afraid you might learn something?

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