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Dan says - "TheGigRig is a very special team of people who genuinely care that you have the best experience possible with our gear. I’m immensely proud of each of them and what we’ve achieved."
"It's all about finding a sound that inspires you"

The entire reason we started doing this is because we were incredibly inspired by the sounds we were hearing when we had our favourite pedals operating in the optimum environment. I believe that music is inclusive, it's not for the just the clever, elite, beautiful people. It's for anyone who is inspired by the sound of their instrument. For me, its all about guitars, pedals and amps. Our aim is to help you feel more connected, because that's when music happens. Its all about finding sounds that inspire you. 

Daniel Steinhardt

(Head Honcho) Managing Director

If you've got this far in researching TheGigRig no doubt you've already been introduced to Daniel. His innovative product designs are hailed by many world class musicians to be absolutely essential to their rigs.

Laura "Hawkeyes" Fay

Office/Production Manager

Laura is the office overlord. We all submit to her mysterious mind control powers when she decrees that

there is stuff to do.

Julia Tucknott

Accounts Manager

Julia looks after all the accounts,

so if you owe us money, beware her wrath. 

Jake Willcock

PedalBoard Builder and Production Assistant

Jake is here to bring your dream board to life: Master builder of all The GigRig wonders

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Martine Steinhardt

Sales Manager

Martine looks after the orders from all our wonderful customers. If you have a question about your order, Martine is the person to contact.

Joe Bishop

Tech Guru & Master of the Power Path

Joe is our technical guru, so if you have any technical questions, Joe is here to help.

Zena Sworder

Production Assistant

When she's not tackling Jiu-jitsu opponents, Zena takes care of the assembly and testing of all our GigRig products.

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Mick and Dan, That Pedal Show.jpg

Daniel along with Mick Taylor present That Pedal Show, a weekly YouTube show that is an invaluable resource for any guitar player looking to get the most out of their effects. Covering topics from setting up your solo sound, powering your pedalboard, and how does string gauge effect your tone, as well as special guests, from the amazing Joey Landreth to Tore Mogensen from TC Electronic.

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