Latest G3 and G3 ATOM Software update information

G3 APP Icon.png
Software Version 352
Checksum e3de45af
Release Notes: General Improvements and Bug Fixes 
  • Back up and load presets (iOS App required)

  • Save and Restore presets

  • Song list mode -  Rearrange set lists and change preset names for song names (iOS app required)

  • Midi Pc now sends on every press now just the initial press

  • If you press and hold the bank button Bank 1, you can now cycle back to your highest bank. (If you’ve got 40 banks, if you press and hold the bank button on bank 1, it will take you to bank 40 etc)

  • FIXED Backlight Settings - Screen defaulted to full brightness after reboot. Backlight now retains your personal setting.

  • FIXED  Midi Thru turning off on Power off - Midi Thru now remains on after reboot.

  • FIXED Max Number of Banks defaulting to 10 after reboot if under 10 Max Banks - Maximum Banks now remain after reboot.

  • FIXED  Software Version change on Factory Reset - Factory Reset reverted software to  v.175 - Now retains latest software version on Factory Reset.

  • FIXED Pop Filter function refined. Modes simplified to on and off from levels 1,2,3 and 4. 

  • FIXED Midi numbering discrepancy between menus. Numbering now matches on all menus

  • FIXED Stomp Box Midi CC Messaging not working. Now Sends CC on every press of Flash Stomp and only the 1st press (ON) in Normal Stomp and Sticky Stomp.

  • FIXED MIDI In repaired.

  • FIXED Bank Down jump to Bank 1- Bank Down now rolls down chronologically from Bank 5 to Bank 1

  • FIXED Bank Copy and Paste -  Copy and Paste was missing Stomp Box information. Now copies and pastes all information.