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Latest G3 and G3 ATOM Software update information

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How To Update Your G3/Atom 

1. Check the current version of software in your unit by going to the MENU/GLOBAL/VERSION. If the number matches the number above, you have the latest software. If the version you have has a lower number, you can update your software. PLEASE NOTE, the higher the number, the newer the software

2. Download the latest software (links above) Backup your G3. You don't have to do this but I find its good practice to have a backup before an update. Now we are ready to do the update

3. On G3/Atom go to MENU/GLOBAL/BLUETOOTH and select UPDATE. This will start the Bluetooth on G3/Atom

4. Open the G3 app or the WEB EDITOR, go to UPDATE then press CONNECT. Select your G3/Atom in the list

5. Select UPDATE on the app

6. On the editor it will ask you to selective file. Select the latest update file from the list

7. Once selected you will see the packets being sent to G3/Atom

8. Take note of how many packets are being sent

9. After the update has finished transferring, check the CHECKSUM. As long as you have the correct checksum, follow the onscreen prompts to install your software If you've done a backup then you can do a factory reset and reinstall your back up. This isn't 100% necessary but if you do find you have any issues with a particular press after the software update, simply clear that preset and re-program it.


IMPORTANT! If at any time during the update process you lose connection or are interrupted in any way, you’ll need to cycle power on G3/Atom before trying the update again


Works only with Google Chrome on PC, MAC, Android (not iOS)


BUG FIXES: 688 restores iOS G3 app to full functionality but you MUST update to 688 via the web editor. 

The G3 Web Editor works with Chrome on PC, MAC, Android (not iOS)

Download Version 688 using the link above, then in the Web Editor, navigate to the G3 Update page. Select software version 688. 

In G3, go to Bluetooth, Software Update and click connect in the web editor.

Once G3 is updated you'll need to ensure you have the latest version of the  iOS app (link above)

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