Latest G3 and G3 ATOM Software update information

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Release Notes: General Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • MIDI In now saves all PC messages

  • MIDI CC now labelled correctly (Numbers and Value were inverted)

  • Song List Corruption Checks implemented - Song List Mode now features checks to make sure song list is working

  • Watch-dog Timer safeguards against any possible static

  • Expression Calibration for the heel value

  • MIDI Clock fixed


  • Backup and Load presets (iOS App required)

  • Save and Restore presets

  • Song list mode -  Rearrange set lists and change preset names for song names (iOS app required)

  • Midi Pc now sends on every press now just the initial press

  • If you press and hold the bank button Bank 1, you can now cycle back to your highest bank. (If you’ve got 40 banks, if you press and hold the bank button on bank 1, it will take you to bank 40 etc)


  • FIXED Backlight Settings - Screen defaulted to full brightness after reboot. Backlight now retains your personal setting.

  • FIXED  Midi Thru turning off on Power off - Midi Thru now remains on after reboot.

  • FIXED Max Number of Banks defaulting to 10 after reboot if under 10 Max Banks - Maximum Banks now remain after reboot.

  • FIXED  Software Version change on Factory Reset - Factory Reset reverted software to  v.175 - Now retains latest software version on Factory Reset.

  • FIXED Pop Filter function refined. Modes simplified to on and off from levels 1,2,3 and 4. 

  • FIXED Midi numbering discrepancy between menus. Numbering now matches on all menus

  • FIXED Stomp Box Midi CC Messaging not working. Now Sends CC on every press of Flash Stomp and only the 1st press (ON) in Normal Stomp and Sticky Stomp.

  • FIXED Bank Copy and Paste -  Copy and Paste was missing Stomp Box information. Now copies and pastes all information.

  • FIXED MIDI In repaired.

  • FIXED Bank Down jump to Bank 1- Bank Down now rolls down chronologically from Bank 5 to Bank 1

If on the off chance that your software update did not go to plan, G3 has several in built fail-safe features to get you back up and running asap. It is very important that ensure your iOS/Android device has enough power to complete the update process, that you leave your iOS device connected until the update is finished, and that you leave your G3/Atom turned on.

Issue - Software Update Checksum Incorrect There's a couple of reasons your checksum may be incorrect, the two most common are (a) that you are updating over software that is missing a packet, or (b) that during the update process a packet was dropped in the Bluetooth transfer. Here's how we sort that out

1. Take note of the incorrect checksum on the screen of G3/Atom once the download is complete

2. DO NOT PRESS FOOTSWITCH 4! This will try and install the bad checksum software. (Please note that in our latest version of software G3 will not allow you to install if the checksum is incorrect).

3. Once you've identified a bad checksum, exit the software update by pressing the MENU button or cycling power

4. Open the G3 app and tap TheGigRig Logo 4 times

5. Slow down the file transfer by reducing the throttle speed from 10ms to 30ms

6. Turn on AIRPLANE MODE in your iOS/Android device, then turn on Bluetooth. This will ensure you won't get any interruptions

7. Reconnect the app to your G3, then retry the software update. Once the software update has finished you'll get one of three results a) The checksum is correct - install software by following on screen commands and pressing footswitch 4 b) The checksum is still incorrect but matches the first incorrect checksum. If this is the case it indicates that you are updating over a previous bad checksum. It would be virtually impossible to randomly drop the same packet that would result in the same bad checksum, but if it were updating over software that was already missing a packet, then you would get the same checksum result. If this is the case, you can PRESS FOOTSWITCH 4 on your G3/Atom to continue the update process. To be 100% sure of the result you can update again over this newly installed version of software and you'll see that you get the correct checksum c) The checksum is incorrect and doesn't match the previous incorrect checksum. This is incredibly unlikely but if this happens, follow the update process again and try slowing down the file transfer from 30ms to 50ms. Make sure your iOS/Android device has plenty of power and is close to your G3, in airplane mode with Bluetooth turned on.

If after this you get a 4th incorrect checksum that doesn't match the previous incorrect checksum, please get in touch with us and we'll troubleshoot with you.

Issue - Screen locks up after update The main reason this happens is if a bad checksum software update has tried to be installed. Don't worry, there's an easy fix.

1. Unplug the power to your pedalboard

2. As you plug the power back in, tap FOOTSWITCH 8 repeatedly, this will open the BOOT LOADER window

3. Select the previous version of software that was in the unit before you tried to update it.

4. Unplug the power to you board then plug the power back in and you will start up in the old software.

5. Try the software update again following the correct update procedure

GigRig Android Updater 3.png

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the app and during the process your iOS device remains turned on and close to your G3/Atom which also needs to remain powered
1. Check the current version of software in your unit by going to the MENU/GLOBAL/VERSION. If the number matches the number above, you have the latest software. If the version you have has a lower number, you can update your software. PLEASE NOTE, the higher the number, the newer the software
2. Download the latest software (links above) to your iOS device. In your iOS device, turn on AIRPLANE mode, then turn on BLUETOOTH. This ensures no interruptions while doing the update. Backup your G3. You don't have to do this but I find its good practice to have a backup before an update. Now we are ready to do the update
3. On G3/Atom go to MENU/GLOBAL/BLUETOOTH and select UPDATE. This will start the Bluetooth on G3/Atom
4. Open the app, Then press CONNECT. Select your G3/Atom in the list, once connected, hit DISMISS
5. Select UPDATE on the app
6. At the top of the app, you'll see FIRMWARE FILES. Select the latest update file from the list
8. Take note of how many packets are being sent
9. After the update has finished transferring, check the CHECKSUM 11. As long as you have the correct checksum, follow the onscreen prompts to install your software If you've done a backup then you can do a factory reset and reinstall your back up. This isn't 100% necessary but if you do find you have any issues with a particular press after the software update, simply clear that preset and re-program it.