With over a decade of experience working on all manner of pedalboards, we've been lucky enough to work with some of the world's leading musicians.

Here are just a few...

ED O'BRIEN - Radiohead

TheGigRig G2 is an incredible unit, something I've been searching for for a long time. Daniel has built me a true inspiration platform with G2 at its heart and I couldn't be happier


My G2 pedalboard was specifically built for studio work. I use a lot of pedals when I record and it made my life a lot easier. Extremely portable and it Daniel would say..AWESOME!

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Thank you Daniel and the guys at TheGigRig for making this incredible unit, TheGigRig G2. Wish I had one years ago. I've never been happier with my tone than right now.

Thanks for helping us to make the best guitar rig ever!

You truly are amazing...

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SIMON NEIL - Biffy Clyro

Daniel and the folks at TheGigRig have changed the game for artists like me who like to mix up different pedal combos, but need each combo available at the flick of a switch. With my G2 it couldn't be easier to flick through different sounds mid set or even mid song!

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I love the pedalboard Daniel built for me. TheGigRig G2 solved all my switching problems in a second. Sonically superior, this is an unbelievably flexible switching system that lets me integrate classic and contemporary guitar technology without sacrificing convenience or quality.


Dan says - I was a massive Blur fan, they were huge in Australia and I always loved Graham's guitar playing. I was honoured to build his new pedalboard then get to see him use it live with Gorillaz.  Copyright Photo: Total Guitar Magazine


Daniel Steinhardt is an utter genius! His incredible G2 system is so ridiculously easy to program and use, and it sounds absolutely amazing. I first used one with Steven Wilson and loved it so much I had another board built for the Us + Them tour with Roger Waters, and I couldn't do either gig without it.           Copyright Photo: Guitarist Magazine


My new GigRig wired board featuring G2 is an absolute marvel. Never did I think I could pack so much functionality and tone into such a small package. Its all so easy to program and incredibly transparent when no loops are active. Its inspiring!

GUTHRIE GOVAN - Steven Wilson

Thanks Daniel, you've done splendid work here, made my life so much easier for the Steven Wilson gig.

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Dan says - Marcus uses a dual G2 setup. His board and pedals are onstage but there is another G2 off stage that is controlled by his tech so when Marcus steps away from the rig his tech can still change presets. Sounds ace!

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Dan says - I've been in awe of Devin ever since I heard him on Steve Vai's 'Sex and Religion'. An astonishing musician, with a constant stream of incredible output. I was delighted to build a G2-based board for Devin, which does sound awesome! 

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I am a singer songwriter and when I'm playing a show I can't be worrying about which pedals to switch on and off to get to my next sound. I need to be focusing on bringing the show to the crowd and G2 lets me do that all the while completely forgetting it's there.

PETER STROUD - Sheryl Crow

Guitars and amps come and go, but TheGigRig G2 I absolutely cannot do without! The single biggest upgrade to my rig and tone in years.

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DONNY LITTLE - Paolo Nutini

I've been using TheGigRig since they started. As a technophobic tone freak I found Dan's system a revelation. Almost a decade later I'm still telling every guitar player I meet to buy one. Do it, you'll thank me...


TheGigRig G2 gives me everything I need in a switching system in a powerful, clever, space-saving design. Channel switching, MIDI control, loop re-ordering and gain structuring. It’s all needed and it’s all there. Well done!


I'm amazed at what's packed into such a physically small system. The variety of options and control in setting up your own personal layout is remarkable and flexible. I discover a new feature every day.

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BILLY FULLER - Robert Plant

Dan says - I went out to Lyon to see Billy play with Robert Plant and was totally blown away. His sound was like a big warm hug. None of his effect tones were overpowering, I could always hear the instrument. What a sound!

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Dan says - Joey Santiago is nothing short of a rock n roll legend. His work with the Pixies has influenced generations of guitar players and we are thrilled to have him using TheGigRig G2 as the heart of his pedalboard

PAUL STACEY - Noel Gallagher

Daniel and his GigRig company are dope

DAVID RHODES - Peter Gabriel

Dan says - A career highlight for me was being asked by David to build his pedalboard for the Kate Bush gigs in London. David now uses that board for his duties as long time member of Peter Gabriel's band.

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After my guitar and amp, TheGigRig G2 is the most important bit of gear I carry.

A board has no heart without it.


I'm so happy with my G2 - it has completely transformed not only my live performances but but also my sound design, because now I have a central hub and can experiment with all my pedals, with ease. 

And, Dan is a legend

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MIKE KERR - Royal Blood

Dan says - Mike uses our Modular Power Supply to make sure his pedals operate at their optimum. Such an amazing band, and that bass sound!

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The GigRig G2 is hands down the best switching system there is. I've written songs that would be almost impossible to execute perfectly without it


Dan says - Steve Rothery has been using our gear for over a decade now. His new G2 board can be heard with the Steve Rothery Band along side fellow G2 user and incredible guitarist Dave Foster

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Dan says - John Stockman may be the most innovative and influential bass player in the progressive rock genre at the moment. His work with Karnivool is absolutely incredible and is a must listen for any prog rock fan 

PAUL TURNER - Jamiroquai

I've used GigRig products for all my 'pedal challenges' since 2005. My G2 lets me select, group, swap or stack plus adjust pre and post levels! When I need instant changes and still use my favourite pedals, what more could I want?

JOHN WESLEY - Porcupine Tree

G2 and many of the power solutions are the heart of my touring and recording set ups. I would have to say that since I began using Daniel’s gear, everything that I have recorded has been tracked through a Gigrig unit. I have used the gear all over the world in every imaginable weird power set up, this gear never fails. I can’t imagine working without it.


Dan says - Reeves has been using TheGigRig QuarterMasters and TheGigRig Modular Power Supply for his touring board for many years. I've been a fan of Reeves' sinvce his time with 'Tin Machine'. A true master musician

LEE MALIA - Bring Me The Horizon

Hi Daniel,

Love the pedal board mate, not had one single problem with any part of it since it was put together

Photo: Achim Raschka - CC BY-SA 3.0 


Dan says - I was delighted when I heard the legendary Al Di Meola had chosen TheGigRig G2 to be the heart of his new pedalboard. A true pioneer and innovator, I'm over the moon to have him onboard 


G2 has been at the heart of my rig ever since it was released. The functionality and quality are outstanding. G2 takes the headache out of issues that arise with using more than one amp, and the midi capabilities work a treat! I want solid, reliable, great tone. G2 delivers that whether i’m in the studio or on the stage.