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The most flexible, powerful, lightweight pedalboard power solution available. It grows with your needs and works anywhere in the world.

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You've got nothing without great power, so stop compromising, put redundancy and obsolescence behind you and get your board sounding how it should. Our modular system grows with your needs.

The new heart of our Modular Power Supply System. GenX14 has everything you need to power even the most current hungry pedalboards. Features 14 isolated, regulated, short circuit protected outputs powering everything from low current analog to high current digital and valve preamp pedals. 


This is the base of our Modulator Power Supply system. The Generator provides a whopping 5,000mA of current to power even the most demanding boards and the Distributor gets the power to where it needs to be. Compact and lightweight, it works anywhere in the world: just plug and play.


Your first port of call after Generator does exactly what it says on the tin: distributes power to other adapters…

Four isolated, regulated, short circuit protected 9V outputs delivering up to 100mA each. Perfect for the majority of regular analogue pedals and a goodly number of digital ones too. 


Confused about what you need to power your board? Let us help with our Power Path Diagram service…

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