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Split your signal, correct phase & kill hum.
Great for DI, reamping, wet/dry and plenty more besides.



The Humdinger was designed to eliminate earth loops in audio equipment by isolating the second output. Earth loops are a common complaint. As soon as the ground on your gear has more than one main route to earth, you have the potential for an earth loop. The best and safest way to get rid of an earth loop is to isolate the ground that is causing the hum. 

Using the HumDinger to get rid of earth loops is easy. If you use 2 amps all you need to do is stick the HumDinger at the end of your effects chain. Your main (buffered) output goes to one amp and the isolated output goes to the other. Your earth is consistent through the main output but isolated through the isolated output. 

Using a mains powered effects pedal, simply place the HumDinger in the chain after the mains powered effect. The Mains powered effect is your main ground and the ground from the amp is isolated. 


Eliminate Ground Loop Hum

The isolated output uses a high quality audio transformer to maintain the best possible signal, while also eliminating ground loop hum that can be a problem when using two amps.

Buffered Output

The main output is buffered using our custom designed 1:1 Class A buffer, guaranteed not to mess with your tone. Both outputs will drive long lengths of cable so you don't need to worry about the distance between your pedal board and your amp.

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Correct Phase

The isolated output features a phase switch, so you can correct phase problems between two amplifiers or other devices. 

Multiple Uses, Multiple Solutions

Use Humdinger to split your signal to two amps; use it to split your signal at any position for wet/dry setups; use it at the start of your effects chain to send a clean DI signal to your DAW for later reamping; use it as a buffer for long cable runs; use it in a stereo rig to isolate the second amp and kill earth loops. 

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It keeps your signal levels, impedance and tone intact, even when driving long cables and using a large pedalboard filled with true bypass pedals, lets you flip the phase if you need to compensate for one amp being out of phase relative to the other, and it does it all at a reasonable price. If you're running a stereo or dual amp setup, is definitely a must-have. It will kill what ails your tone.

Phil O'Keefe - Expert Reviewer




9V / 100mA




1 x buffered, 1 x transformer isolated/phase reversible


5.2cm x 2.6cm x 10.2cm / 20.5" x 1.02" x 4.02"


0.25kg / 0.6lbs

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My amp is making noise. Will the Humdinger cure it?

If you're using 2 amps and the noise is an earth loop, then yes. If you're only using 1 amp and the noise is coming from somewhere else, then no.

What does the PHASE switch do?

The phase switch changes the relative phase on the ISOLATED output, it has no effect on the buffered output. Hook up your two amplifiers and flip the phase switch. When the amplifiers are in phase the sound will be full, when they are out of phase the sound will be thin.

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