High-quality true-bypass strip loop control for your effects pedals.

Compact, easy switching solutions to keep your tone intact. 


Not everyone needs a fully programmable one-touch switching system, however we all want to sound better. There comes a point where using multiple effects pedals chained together can introduce issues, including signal loss and tone-suck. QuarterMaster puts each of your pedals in its own separate true-bypass loop so it stays out of your signal path when you're not using it. The result is clearer tone with more integrity, preserving the sound of your individual pedals and also your favourite guitars and amps.

The QuarterMaster QMX also has a very clever ace up its sleeve…

Each loop has a push button next to the loop return that gives you the option to turn any standard loop into a Flip Flop loop. 
In standard mode, loops turn on and off independently: you turn them on and off with the switch, in any combination.

Flip Flop mode enables an element of one-touch switching. If you have two loops in Flip Flop mode, for example, selecting one will turn the other off… while all your standard-mode loops remain stackable, on/off as usual.

This can be especially useful if you use a number of different drive pedals, for example, that you never use together. With loops in Flip Flop mode, selecting one turns all the other Flip Flop loops off. Your standard loops remain as they are.


Aside from the tone preserving and practicality benefits of QuarterMaster, users have been telling us that it's a great way to keep our beloved pedals (and their switches) in great condition. No need to worry about QMX in that respect – our own-design OptoKick footswitches are incredibly tough and reliable.

Even if you're running a small board, QuarterMaster will make your playing life easier and your tone better!


Comes in 5 Different Sizes

Choose 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 loops to best suit your needs. Simple, compact, roadworthy

GigRig True Bypass

TheGigRig 'True Bypass' gold contact relay technology to keep your tone perfectly intact and your switching quiet

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Standard and Flip Flop Loop Modes

Instantly switch between any selected loops while adding other loops on top

OptoKick Footswitches

Milled from stainless steel, our own-designed OptoKick footswitch uses light instead of mechanics to do the foot switching, so there's nothing to break.  We believe these are the most reliable foot switches in the world

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TheGigRig has a deserved reputation for pro pedalboard solutions. Its QuarterMaster is a neat strip of separate loops that gives you independent true-bypass switching over whatever is in each. That could be as simple as keeping problematic pedals completely out of your signal chain when you're not using them, or you could set up separate groups of pedals in single loops to suit your needs.

Professional-quality pedal switchers don't come much more straightforward and affordable than this. If you want simple, neat true bypass switching control over an unruly collection of stompboxes, you want QuarterMaster. Reliable, instant switching.




QMX2 - 9V/100mA

QMX4 - 9V/200mA

QMX6 - 9V/300mA

QMX8 - 9V/400mA

QMX10 - 9V/500mA


TheGigRig OptoKick footswitches. Gold contact audio relays


QMX2 - 16cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 6.30in x 1.57in x 2.28in

QMX4 - 28cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 11.02in x 1.57in x 2.28in

QMX6 - 41cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 16.14in x 1.57in x 2.28in

QMX8 - 54cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 21.26in x 1.57in x 2.28in

QMX10 - 68cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 26.77in x 1.57in x 2.28in


QMX2 - 0.24kg / 0.5lbs

QMX4 - 0.42kg / 0.9lbs

QMX6 - 0.62kg / 1.4lbs

QMX8 - 0.80kg / 1.8lbs

QMX10 - 0.99kg / 2.2lbs

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What is the Flip/Flop feature in the QMX series?

The Flip Flop feature enables you to switch instantly between any selected loops on the QuarterMaster. On the back of the QMX next to the return of each loop is a small button. Press the button in to turn on Flip Flop for that loop. The LED on that loop will now change from blue to red to show you it's now set up in Flip Flop mode. Now when you go from one Flip Flop loop to the next Flip Flop loop the first loop will automatically turn off. Its a fantastic feature that saves a bit of tap dancing without getting into heavy programming.

Can I use it as an amp switcher?

Yes you can, but you need to be aware of earth loops and phase issues. If you want a dedicated amp switcher that solves both of these problems, check out TheGigRig ABY Baby, below.

Is the QMX progammable?

Not in the same way that G2 is, however, Flip Flop mode enables a certain level of one-touch switching should you need it.

How do I connect my tuner for silent tuning?

We include a tuner return jack to plug into the loop 1 return. Now simply connect the input of your tuner to the send of loop 1 and footswitch 1 on your QuarterMaster has become a silent tuning switch.

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