Blend your effects in parallel, in real time, creating a whole new world of possibilities 


Mixing your pedals in parallel is a powerful way to unlock a world of potential. The Wetter Box ensures it's done right.


Would you like to be able to coax sounds from your effects pedals that you didn't even know were in there? How about mixing your favourite  Fuzz and an Overdrive? Or a chorus and a phaser? What about mixing a short analog and a long digital delay? In 2006 our original Wet Box gave us a glimpse into the power and infinite possibilities of parallel mixing, but the goal has always been to take this to an entirely new level. The Wetter Box is the realisation of this goal. 

  • Plug in any 2 effects and blend them in parallel

  • Blend in an effect in parallel with your direct signal

  • Do this in real time with an expression pedal

  • Independent gain controls on each loop

  • The ability to flip the phase on the return of LOOP B to be able to deal with any phase issues

  • True stereo signal path using TRS cables

  • 2 separate modes of operation, BLEND (crossfade from loop A to loop B) or MIX (add loop B to Loop A)

  • Internal voltage doubling compatible with guitar level or amp fx loop level

  • Internally isolated power 

  • True Bypass or Buffered Spillover bypass

  • Control the bypass state remotely with any latching switch

  • 100% analog signal path

  • TheGigRig OptoKick footswitch


Mix or Blend 2 Signals in Parallel

Plug in any 2 effects and mix them in parallel unlocking a new world of possibilities 

Road Ready

Tough steel enclosure with unique GigRig-designed marine-grade stainless steel OptoKick footswitches

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Use in Mono or Stereo

Simply swap your standard jacks for TRS cables and you have true stereo parallel mixing

True Bypass & Trails Mode

Choose between standard true bypass or trails bypass giving you spillover from delays or reverbs 

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9V DC centre negative.

Optimised for use with the GigRig Generator power supply




True Bypass: Source impedence.

Buffered/Trails Bypass: 1MΩ


Input Drive Levels (Line level compatible)


True Bypass mode:    

Bandwidth = Source bandwidth
Output impedance = Source impedance
Max output Level = Source Level


Bypass – Trails mode:  

Bandwidth = 10Hz – 85KHz
Output impedance = 27Ω
Noise = 3nV/√Hz
Max output Level = +/- 8.5V



Box size: 13.5cm x 7.5cm x 4cm


0.33kg / 0.73lbs

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Can I have more than one pedal in a loop?

Absolutely, the Wetter Box doesn't care what is in its loops. You can have any signal chain you like in the loops

Does this work with all electric guitars and basses?

Yes. The Wetter Box has a massive frequency range so it works great with any instrument, including guitars and basses with active pickups 

Will it work in my amps' FX Loop?

Yes. The Wetter Box has a massive amount of headroom enabling it to be used with a line level signal, such as in an amps FX Loop. You can set you effects to 100% wet and effortlessly blend them in on top of your preamp tone 

Can i use any expression pedal?

Any expression pedal that uses a 25k pot and uses a 'ring to wiper' format can be used. However we have worked with Mission Engineering to develop the WBX-1 Expression Pedal, designed specifically to use with the Wetter Box

How does the stereo work?

The key to using stereo signals with the Wetter Box is TRS cables. If you are using effects that have  mono in, stereo out, all you need is the dual mono to TRS cable from the left and right outputs of the effects to connect to the loop returns of the Wetter Box. If you want feed the Wetter Box a stereo signal use a dual mono to TRS cable from the preceding effects, and connect the TRS to the input of the Wetter Box. 

All of this is laid out in detail in our manual 

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