Tour-grade switchers offering ultimate flexibility and zero tonal compromise

Modular power solutions that grow with your needs. Take them anywhere in the world

Problem solving essentials to make your life easier and optimise your rig



Wetter Box

Wetter Box





Power Solutions

Power Solutions


I believe passionately that great tone is everything.

It's your voice, your vehicle to express and to inspire via your music.

I've seen it, experienced it and over the past 25 years it has grown from my passion into an obsession.

Great tone is not a mystery, it's a journey. The GigRig is here to help you along your tonal travels!

Daniel Steinhardt

Founder of TheGigRig

Sound Quality

Our principle inspiration and overriding motivation. Whether you're mixing vintage and modern pedals, using MIDI, multiple amps and everything in between: your tonal integrity is everything.

Customer Service

Everybody at TheGigRig is passionate about tone. We work with world-leading artists day-in day-out, and bring that experience and expertise to every one of our customers. We're here to help.

Unique Power Solution

Our modular power system is as simple or complex as you need it to be. It can grow with your needs, never suffering the redundancy of many all-in-one units when you need to upgrade. It works effortlessly anywhere in the world.

Hand-Built in the UK

Our switching system units and power supply accessories (except the Generator) are designed and made in the UK . We use the highest possible quality components to ensure dependable, hassle-free operation. 


Whether you use only GigRig gear or you mix with other brands, our products enable you to do exactly what you want. On stage, off stage, pedals, racks, MIDI, whatever… we have you covered!

Ease of Use

From the simple on/off ease of our Quartermasters to the full programmability of TheGigRig G3, you'll never find a deep editing menu to confuse you. What you see is what you get, nevertheless offering exceptional one-touch control for your whole rig.

Custom Pedalboards

We offer a range of services from troubleshooting tidy-ups to fully customised board builds. There are three basic options to get you started, but if you're not sure what you need then give us a call – we're here to help and inspire!


Ed O'Brien - Radiohead
Ed O'Brien GigRig G2

"TheGigRig G2 is an incredible unit, something I've been searching for for a long time. Daniel has built me a true inspiration platform with G2 at its heart and I couldn't be happier"

Andy Timmons
Andy Timmons The GigRig G2

"Thank you Daniel and the guys at TheGigRig for making this incredible unit, TheGigRig G2. Wish I had one years ago. I've never been happier with my tone than right now."

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