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G3 Atom

A new standard for effects pedal lovers seeking the ultimate control and tonal transparency.

G3 Atom and G3 mark a new standard in pedalboard effects control. Built on the legacy of our award winning G2, G3 Atom delivers the ultimate in signal path purity with possibilities never before seen in a pedalboard switcher.

Hear your effects as they were designed to sound, unencumbered by compromises inherent in a standard pedalboard setup.

We designed the G3 Atom alongside G3 from the ground up, obsessively testing and retesting every aspect of its design to ensure we delivered the most robust, fully featured, tonally transparent switching system in the world.

G3 Atom is an expression of our passion. We compromised on nothing.



We wanted to offer a compact alternative to G3 without  compromising on any of its features. We are delighted to introduce you to the G3 Atom. The Atom has less presets per bank (up to 16) and 6 effects loops, but each of these loops can be stereo using a TRS cable.


Every other feature in G3 can be found in the Atom, from its 99 banks of presets to its 20 programmable mappable MIDI messages preset. Ideal for physically smaller, powerhouse rigs looking for the ultimate in tonal flexibility.


6 Passive True Bypass Matrix Effects Loops

6 Passive True Bypass Matrix effects loops each of which can be configured for stereo using TRS cables

True Stereo Delay Trails / Spillover

Stereo delay and reverb trails from any loop on any preset. You can see our video with more detailed information HERE

Pre Gain

Programmable Pre Gain on every preset which can buffer, attenuate or boost the input to your effects. Can be switched entirely out too

Switchable Outputs

2 separate outputs. One is isolated and phase reversible so you'll have no earth hum or phase issues between your amps

Zero Confusion

Select a preset switch, choose your effects, outputs, pre/post gain, additional control switching if you want…done! No menus, no save button. See our Set Up video HERE

Ultra High-Res TFT LCD Display

Ultra-bright TFT LCD screen displaying Bank, Preset Number/Name and Pre/Post Gain levels and menu system (brightness adjustable)

Up to 99 Banks of Presets

99 banks with up to 16 presets per bank, and can be configured for Preset or Stomp Box mode. That means unparalleled flexibility and control


Connect to the G3 Atom iOS app through G3 Atom's built-in Bluetooth. Software updates, system back-ups, set-list editing all  from your phone. See our APP VIDEO for more information

Post Gain

True stereo programmable Post Gain giving complete control over the master volume output of each preset

GigRig Designed Optical Footswitches

Milled from stainless steel, our own-design OptoKick footswitch uses light instead of mechanics to do the foot switching, so there's nothing to break. We believe these are the most reliable footswitches in the world

Full MIDI In and Out

Each preset can send up to 20 separate mappable PC and CC MIDI messages as well as 2 expression pedal inputs for realtime CC message control. There's our video with more detailed information HERE

Built-in Parallel and Wet/Dry

If Wet/Dry and parallel signals are your thing, you can do it all in G3 Atom without the need for any external devices. Send different effects to different outputs, even phase correct your parallel signals. There's a video HERE with more information


9V DC (2.1mm centre neg) @ 850mA.We recommend the use of The GigRig Generator power supply supplied with The G3 Switching System. 


Approximately 5 x 3.8cm / 1.96"x 1.5"


Maximum = 16.5V peak to peak in true bypass.

Signal Bandwidth in true bypass = 4Hz to 100KHz




3.3M Ohm​

Out 1 - Signal path with input and output amps OFF - True Bypass. Out 1 is earthed and must be connected to ground at all times.

Out 2 - Signal Path with input and output amps OFF - Buffered and Isolated using our Hi-Definition Isolation.


W: 30cm x D:13cm x H:( Back) 7.8cm / 11.65" x 5.1" x 3.07" (Front Height: 5.5cm/2.2" including footswitches)


Full MIDI in and out


G2 Passive True Bypass Matrix effects loops

TRS remote switching for other gear


1.5kgs / 3.30lbs


Maximum = 16.5V peak to peak in true bypass.

Signal Bandwidth in true bypass = 4Hz to 100KHz

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